De Skylight Roofing Sdn Bhd (750933-A) specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of polycarbonate awnings, wrought iron and stainless steel works, glass roofing & skylight, I-TEC aluminium frames and timber pergolas to a wide range of residential, industrial and commercial customers in Malaysia.

Polycarbonate Awnings

De Skylight specialized in Polycarbonate Awnings widely used in residential, industrial and commercial constructions. We carry VERONE ® POLYCARBONATE awnings which provide greater design flexibility. VERONE® POLYCARBONATE awnings can be produced in custom lengths and colours subjected to minimum order quantity.

Aluminium Frames

De Skylight‘s high performance aluminum frames are applied in prestigious civil, commercial and residential complexes. We produce aluminium frames which are very versatile with a range of properties. De Skylight‘s aluminium frames are applied in doors, roofing and windows.

Timber Pergola

De Skylight produces wooden timber pergola that is widely used in structural works. There is a huge choice of timber pergola designs available. De Skylight is your source for high quality timber pergola for garden fencing, decking, verandahs and walkways.

Wrought Iron and Stainless Steel Works

With experiences and expertise, De Skylight is well known for wrought iron and stainless steel works. De Skylight specialized in all types of wrought iron and stainless steel for multiple purposes. We offer the best and most innovative products in wrought iron and stainless steel works to fit your design and budget.
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