I-TEC Aluminium Frames in Malaysia

Since years of operation DE SKYLIGHT ROOFING has become the leader in the field of natural lighting with the use of aluminium frame in Malaysia. With its team of designers and fabricators DE SKYLIGHT ROOFING has been involved in Malaysia's most exciting architectural projects, leading the nation in quality, design and performance.

DE SKYLIGHT ROOFING is an innovative and progressive company in Malaysia that has always responded to architectural advances, and makes use of the most modern and highly durable products. Our services in manufacturing cover a wide range of aluminium frame applications in the field of natural lighting, energy conservation and security from aluminium glazing, louvers and railing to decorative aluminium frames and high performance structural glazing applied in prestigious civil, commercial and residential complexes.

DE SKYLIGHT ROOFING's aluminium frame products and structures have stood the test of time, making us proud of our achievements and contribution to the advancement of the nation. DE SKYLIGHT ROOFING's objective is to maintain its high standing in the industry and to continue to provide Malaysia with the finest in design and engineering well into the 21st century.

Aluminium is a very versatile metal with a range of properties that make it:
Lightweight : Aluminium is about one-third the weight of an equal volume of copper, steel or brass.
Strength : Aluminium can withstand heavy loads and pressure; when alloyed appropriately, its strength approaches that of steel.
High strength-to-weight ratio : The ratio of the tensile strength of aluminium, divided by density, is higher than any other metal.
Corrosion resistance : The formation of a microscopic film of aluminium oxide on the surface of the metal protects it against the corrosive influences of water, salt and other influences.
Resilience / Flexibility : Some applications require some flexibility in addition to strength; an aluminium sailboat mast can spring back where necessary and bend slightly. Aluminium streetlights also provide necessary resilience with safety benefits of flexibility.
Electrical conductivity : Aluminium has twice the conductivity of an equal weight of copper.
Thermal conductivity : Aluminium spreads heat or cooling energy evenly and quickly.
Non-toxicity : Aluminium is ideal for packaging and cooking material finishes because it is non-toxic.
Reflectivity : Aluminium reflects light and other forms of radiant energy.
Ductility : Aluminium is easy to cold work and fabricate.
Malleability : The vulnerability of aluminium to heat and pressure make it ideal for extruding into formed, intricate shapes with ledges, grooves, hinges, screwholes and interlocking parts. This allows the creation of single components, whereas other metals must be manufactured into pieces that must then be assembled to create a final product.
Mixability : Aluminium can be easily modified by the addition of alloys to make a final metal that is even more resilient, conductive or malleable than aluminium alone.
Finishing : Aluminium can be finished with a variety of coatings and finishes such as paint, lacquer, porcelain or organic coatings, which can be anodized to bond to the metal.
Recyclability : Aluminium can be easily reclaimed and recycled into new, final aluminium products.
Availability : Aluminium is the most abundant metallic element in the earth's crust.
Cost-efficiency : Aluminium processing is inexpensive.

Aluminium Information
Metal Lasting Effection Fire Resistant Sound Insulation Earth Quake Resistant

UV Resistant

Aluminium Long Rust Proof Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes
Stainless Steel medium Water Rust Good Normal Normal No
Mild Steel short Rust Normal Normal Normal No
ITEC Aluminium Advantages
Aluminium Coatings Comparison and Types
Coating Type Lasting Description
Wood Grain Coating Long Environment lasting, long lasting, resemble authentic wood grain
Fluorocarbon Coating Long Lasting, Virtual, Various Colors, No fading
Anodized Coating Long Lasting, Virtual, Only Metal colors series
Powder Coating Medium Medium Lasting, Various colors, common use