Application Versatility
The unique characteristics of VERONE ® POLYCARBONATE provide greater design flexibility. It is ideally perfect to challenging applications and takes glazing as well as roofing solutions to new dimension.

Residential Constructions
For roofing and glazing pergolas, car porches, verandas, awnings, gazebos, swimming pool enclosures and sunrooms.

Commercial Applications
For roofing and glazing atriums, walkways, complex dome structures (such as sport and shopping complexes), skylights, barrel vaults and even commercial greenhouse.

Internal Application
Used in office partitions and furniture. It can also be used for wall or window style applications in order to achieve a double glazing effect.

VERONE® POLYCARBONATE can be used in various applications such as custom lengths and colours can be produced upon request subjected to minimum order quantity.
Product Info

Verone ® own the most diversified PC extrusion products with high technology from Germany. At present we devote ourselves to make innovation and R&D plan and continually renew the equipments and machinery. In near future, we will lead all our valued customers to the area of higher optical quality products and other applied materials by winning your appreciation through our excellent quality of product and service.

• Uv resistance
• 10 years warranty quality assured
• High plasticity
• Light and heat resistance (Metallic Sunstop)
• Good thermal insulation
• Light weight
• Fire resistance
• High degree of transparency
• Impact resistance and unbreakable
• Easy transportation
• Virtually Unbreakable

VERONE® Flate Sheet
Pattern Standard Size Colour
Plane Series 1.212m x 30.5m x 2mm
1.212m x 24.4m x 3mm
Brown, Blue, Green, White
1.220m x 2.44m x 1-10mm Clear
Embossed Series 1.212m x 30.5m x 2mm
1.212m x 24.4m x 3mm
Brown, Blue, Green, Clear, Greenish Blue, Yellow, Red
Line Series 1.212m x 24.4m x 3mm Brown, Blue, Green, Clear
Metallic Sunstop (MS) 1.212m x 24.4m x 3mm Brown, Blue, Green, Clear, Grey
*Subject to thickness tolerance
VERONE® Carrugated Sheet
Code Structural(mm) Colour Thickness (+/-5%) Length
A Angular Carrugated (5Grooves) Brown, Clear, Metallic 0.8mm, 0.10mm, 0.12, 18mm, MS-1.0mm 18', 20'
MC Mid-Circular Carrugated (9Grooves) Brown, Clear 0.9mm 6', 7', 8', 10', 12', 20'

*Non standard product (width, length, thickness, colour,) are available subject to a minimum order quantity.
*The above data fall within the normal range of product specification. The test result obtained with respect to these product are for reference only.
*Colour only for reference, order based on sealed sample.
*Installation & limitation as PE Film.

New Product VERONE® Metallic Sunstop (MS)
Note: Consider the thermal expansion due to seasonal temperature fluctation, the aperture should be 50% larger than the diameter of the screw. (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, timber truss)